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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tokidoki X Hello Kitty

Very excited to receive my latest purchase of the TKDK X HK 35th anniversary edition merchandise. Unfortunately have to pay GST and collect myself at the customs office. The shipping fees were atrociously high too! My daughter saw and love the watch that I had to give in to her. She worn it that very day and at the end of the day, scratches on the face abound....feel the heartpain. Anyway, I had wanted to buy that watch for her anyway. I bought 2 iphone cases!! I'm still deciding what to do with the spare one....sell it away? I think the bags are cute but then again I won't be using it. So I"m ok to part with them. I guess I just like the idea and thrill of getting the shipment. Don't you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as you wait for the package to arrive and to open it? Please feel free to let me know if you are keen in the bags.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tokidoki Lesportsac Inventory

My inventory as at 27 January 2010:

1 La'more/A'more Cucciolo

2 Foresta Cucciolo

3 Inferno Cucciolo

4 Foresta Mamma Mia

5 Trasporto Mammia Mia

6 Original Print Bambino

7 Original Print Bambione

8 La'more/A'more Bambione

9 La'more/A'more Gioco

10 Citta Rosa Gioco

11 Trasporto Gioco

12 Paradiso Gioco

13 La'more/A'more Buon Viaggio

14 Trasporto Buon Viaggio

15 Foresta Buon Viaggio

16 Paradiso Buon Viaggio

17 Foresta Stellina

18 Trasporto Stellina

19 La'more/A'more Stellina

20 Playground Camo Olive Bella Bella

21 Original Print Bella Bella

22 Playground Camo Olive Dolce

23 Transporto Nuvola

24 Original Print Ciao

Let me know which ones you are interested and I will quote you the prices and shipping charges.